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Registration and financial arrangements for Energy Executives Training (EET)

Do you wish to register for Energy Executive Training programme or want to find out more about the financial arrangements?


Dutch companies can participate in the Energy Executives Training programme either by:

  • offering a traineeship to one of the candidates or
  • up to and including 31 March 2019 it was possible to nominate a candidate coming from Aruba, Brazil, Curaçao or Mexico for participation in the programme.

Should you be interested please send an e-mail to


All applications are reviewed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, the Dutch organisations concerned in the target countries and the organisation responsible for the execution of the programme.

Profile of participants

EET participants must be:

  • a manager from one of the target countries working in the energy sector;
  • preferably between 28 and 40 years old, with at least 3 years of (international) management experience;
  • required to have a good command of spoken, written and listening comprehension of English;
  • have graduated from an institution for higher education (Bachelor degree).
The number of participants for the programme is limited to 20. 15 from Mexico and 5 from Aruba, Brazil and Curaçao. The programme is also open to managers working in the public sector (civil servants). Up to 2 places are reserved for civil servants.

Financial arrangements

  • The manager is responsible for his/her own travel arrangements and costs for the first week of training in Mexico. The manager is also responsible for making his/her own travel arrangements and costs for the second part in the Netherlands.
  • Full board and lodging will be provided during the training stages of the programme. These costs are covered by the Dutch Government.
  • During the traineeship, the Dutch host company will provide the manager with accommodation and meals.