Energy Transition Facility (ETF)

The Energy Transition Facility (ETF) supports countries in the MENA region with their transition to a more sustainable energy supply. Projects are focused on collaboration at policy level. National governments can request the support of the ETF to acquire Dutch expertise, technical assistance or investments on energy transition.


The Energy Transition Facility is open to the following countries: Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The following organizations or employees can apply:

  • Governments and government partners in the countries concerned with the energy supply in their country;
  • Dutch diplomats and local embassy staff based in MENA countries.


With the Energy Transition Facility, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to contribute to promoting energy transition in the countries around Europe. The Energy Transition Facility is commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

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