Buying hardware (FDOV)

The use of the hardware during the project period must be in line with the purpose of the project as described in the project plan. At the end of the project, the hardware must be owned by a local legal entity.


Hardware will be reimbursed on the basis of actual costs incurred. However, the total budget for hardware can never be adjusted upwards, since the respective items Technical Assistance and Hardware cannot be mutually offset.

Market conformity checks

Market conformity checks are required for the purchase of new and second-hand hardware. In case of second-hand goods, we also check the minimum quality requirements.

However, a market conformity check is not needed for the remainder of purchased hardware - at the end of the project - with a total value of less than € 25,000. Also for the hardware expenditures exceeding the agreed upon hardware budget, a market conformity check is not required. As these costs are not eligible for subsidy. hires SGS - a recognised organisation - to carry out the market conformity checks, to determine whether the prices for hardware are in accordance with the going market rates. The final subsidy amount for hardware is based on the price determined in the market conformity certificates issued by SGS.

For hardware supplied by one of the project partners the final subsidy amount for this hardware is checked and based on the cost price.

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