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International Clean Energy Partnership - ICEP

The International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) focuses on promoting trade. It helps small Dutch businesses that offer renewable energy products and services abroad. ICEP is not a grant programme but builds on the foundations of the International Energy Programme. We organise the following activities: trade missions, trade fairs, matchmaking events and Government to Government events.

Offshore wind energy

The Netherlands has strong ambitions in the area of sustainable energy generation. Generating energy in offshore wind farms requires large investments. These wind farms are not exclusively focused on the Dutch market. The Netherlands' strong maritime reputation, international climate agreements and the ambitions of other countries are opening up a wealth of opportunities on foreign markets.

Visit Wind and water works for more information on the Dutch offshore wind industry's common goals and international activities.

Solar energy

Dutch researchers are developing innovative solar applications for existing environments. Even with an average of only 1,500 hours of sunshine every year, Dutch researchers and businesses have been leading the international Photovoltaic sector for decades. For inspiration, read 'Your partner in the solar energy revolution', a joint publication by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, FME and TKI Urban Energy.


Hydrogen as an energy carrier offers one of the most promising leads for a successful energy transition and a strong Dutch economy. Hydrogen technology has the potential to grow into an important Dutch export product.