Matchmaking Facility (MMF)

With the Matchmaking Facility (MMF) programme the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to establish structural long-term business relationships between entrepreneurs from developing countries and Dutch entrepreneurs.

These business relationships could result in export or import business opportunities, joint ventures, public private partnerships or other types of business relationships.

For whom?

Entrepreneurs from developing countries and upcoming markets looking for a business partner in relation to the programmes FDW, FDOV, DGGF and DRIVE can apply for MMF. Other matchmaking requests will be forwarded to the PUM facility.

You can apply for MMF if you are located in one of the DGGF countries.

MMF and PUM Senior experts have recently joined forces. The reason for this cooperation is that we want to make sure companies receive the best possible service to improve or expand their business.


MMF together with the Netherlands embassy in your country will assess your request. After a positive outcome of the assessment of your Matchmaking application, will start assisting you in identifying suitable Dutch business partners.

Assistance by a consultant

On behalf of the Matchmaking Facility, a selected Dutch expert with relevant expertise in your sector will after approval look for suitable Dutch companies and/or partners on your behalf. When a possible match has been identified, you can come to the Netherlands to meet potential partners.

You have to pay for your own travel expenses and accommodation costs. The Matchmaking Facility reimburses the costs of the Dutch expert, who will also organize the programme of your visit and assist you during the meetings.

How to apply?

To qualify for a successful application, you must submit an accurate, honest and complete intake form. This should include a clear description of the profile, role and expected contribution of prospective Dutch partners.

You can send the intake form to

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