Offshore Wind Energy

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency organizes tenders for the construction of wind farms. Applications can be submitted in these tenders for - if necessary - a subsidy, a permit, physical data from the wind areas and a connection to TenneT's electricity network.

Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap

New Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap outlines where new wind farms will be built in the North Sea between 2024 and 2030. In 2013, the Dutch government signed an Energy Agreement with parties involved in the energy market. It was agreed that 5 wind farms should be completed by 2023. Together with the existing wind farms, these should ensure a total installed capacity of 4.5 gigawatts. The new roadmap calls for offshore wind farms worth an additional 7 gigawatts.  

Wind farm zones: the tenders

The summary below lists the tenders for wind farm zones that will be built. It also includes the wind farm zones for which tenders will be called in the future.

Existing wind farms in the North Sea

•    Egmond aan Zee wind farm: OWEZ, 108 MW.
•    Prinses Amalia wind farm: 120MW.  
•    Luchterduinen wind farm: 129 MW.
•    The 2 wind farms Buitengaats en Zee-Energie, together called Gemini: 600 MW
Offshore Wind Energy

Subsidy and permit applications

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( is executing the offshore wind energy subsidy and permit tenders on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. To establish these farms we provide a subsidy if necessary, a permit for building the wind farms, site data of the wind farms and a connection to the electricity network of TenneT. Subsidies and permits for the development of the wind farms will be awarded to the bid that meets all criteria.

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