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Product Development Partnerships III Fund (PDP III)


The Product Development Partnerships III Fund (PDP III) focuses on developing medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other tools in a more affordable, simple and quick way. This contributes to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of poverty-related diseases and conditions linked with sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).


The available budget for the period 2015 to 2020 is € 86.3 million. The PDP III fund is closed. You can no longer apply for this grant.


Only Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) can apply for the fund. PDPs are partnerships between private and public sector organisations. They conduct research, develop new products and improve access to new health-related technologies and products. A PDP should focus on diseases and disorders that primarily affect poor populations in developing countries. The countries can be found on the List of Recipients of Official Development Assistance (pdf) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The activities within a PDP should contribute to an increased number of safer, simpler, cheaper and more effective products and treatments. These must be qualified, standardised, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Per partnership, 1 applicant functions as the grant recipient.

Overview of PDP III projects

You can find all PDP III projects on This portal offers an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You can refine your search by using filter options such as country, sector and programme.


Despite significant progress in global health innovations, more than 10 million people worldwide are still dying from poverty-related diseases each year. Many countries have large-scale shortages of effective, accessible and affordable medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other healthcare products.

Women and children are at a particular risk. Medicines and healthcare products are often not adapted to specific target groups and conditions in developing countries. This raises the mortality rate and puts pressure on economic and development goals.

The target group's lack of purchasing power and the lack of commercial incentives mean there is still insufficient investment in innovation in healthcare products and technologies. As a result, such products and technologies are not available or unaffordable for the very poorest.

The Product Development Partnerships III Fund (PDP III) is carried out by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The PDPs in this programme, and in that of its predecessor, PDPII, are part of the EDCTP2 Programme, supported by the European Union.

Official notice

The official notice for Product Development Partnerships III Fund (PDP III) was published in 2015 in the Dutch government gazette (Staatscourant). You can download the English translation of the official notice below.

Annual meeting

On 23 May 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted an annual meeting with representatives of the PDPs and Dutch policy makers at the BioSciencePark.

Watch the PDP meeting vlog or download the report on the annual PDP meeting below.

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