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  • - DVP Sustainable Energy (participant Turkey)

    From the 1 st until the 11 th of July the Dutch Visitors Programme on ‘Sustainable Energy’ took place. Seven participants from different countries visited the Netherlands to share...

    Energy sector 2018
  • - DVP Logistics (participant Turkey)

    In September 2018 a group of eight young high potentials from the logistics sector visited The Netherlands for the DVP on Logistics. The participants coming from Iran, Malaysia,...

    Logistics management 2018
  • - IP Building Bridges (Turkey)

    For the sixth time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, COC Netherlands and new partner Amsterdam Municipality joined forces to...

  • - DVP Human Rights (participant: Turkey)

    Visitors' Programme, DVP

    This diverse group of young professionals visited the Netherlands aiming to make connections and learn about human rights. Participants held different views on human rights, which...

    Justice, Social affairs and employment 2017
  • - DVP Sustainable energy (participant: Turkey)

    Visitors' Programme, DVP

    This year’s last Dutch Visitors’ Programme focused on sustainable energy in urban settings. The participants all expressed a keen interest in the subject and were eager to discuss...

    Energy sector 2017


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