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  • - DVP Sustainable Energy (participant Vietnam)

    From the 1 st until the 11 th of July the Dutch Visitors Programme on ‘Sustainable Energy’ took place. Seven participants from different countries visited the Netherlands to share...

    Energy sector 2018
  • - DVP Water (participant Vietnam)

    From the 4 th until the 14 th of March, a successful Dutch Visitors Programme on ‘water, drinking water and sanitation’ took place. Eight participants from eight different...

    Water sector 2018
  • - Human Rights (Vietnam)

    Visitors' Programme, DVP

    This diverse group of young professionals visited the Netherlands aiming to make connections and learn about human rights. Participants held different views on human rights, which...

    Justice, Social affairs and employment 2017
  • - DVP Food security and agriculture (participant: Vietnam)

    Visitors' Programme, DVP

    This DVP focused on sustainable, efficient and innovative Dutch solutions in the field of food security and logistics. During the ten-day visit, the participants were given a...

    Agriculture, Food, drink and tobacco 2017


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