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FAQ Reimbursement for loss due to COVID-19

Answers to frequently asked questions on the reimbursement from the Dutch government for companies that suffer economic losses as a result of the mandatory measures to control a further outbreak of COVID-19.


What type of companies can apply for reimbursement?

  • Food and beverage facilities such as restaurants, lunchrooms, event catering, and cafés.
  • Hair and beauty salons such as hairdressers, pedicurists, and make-up artists.
  • Event locations and organisers.
  • Saunas, solaria, swimming pools, fitness centres, sports clubs and sporting events.
  • Private cultural institutions, such as museums, circuses, theatres, cinemas and cultural education centres.
  • Driving schools.
  • The travel industry, such as travel agents and agencies.

Companies that can apply are not located in a residential building. The only exception is for food and beverage facilities where, for example, the owner, leaser or tenant lives on another floor of the building.
As of 30 March, the reimbursement is also available to specific entrepreneurs in the non-food sector.

Why is reimbursement not available for the SBI code of my company?

The designated sectors are facing the economic consequences of the forced closing of food and beverage facilities and events, the ban on personal contact with clients, and cancellations in the travel industry because of travel restrictions.

If reimbursement is not available for the SBI code of your company, the Dutch government has other options, drawn up in the Dutch ‘Noodpakket economie en banen’. For more information in Dutch, please check the webpage on financial schemes.

My company is registered under the wrong SBI number. What can I do?

Are you entitled to a reimbursement, but are you registered under a different SBI code? Please notify us. Complete the Dutch form 'Melding niet aansluitende SBI code'. This form is available in Dutch only. We trust your Dutch colleague to help you with it.

I notice a code is missing. Can I notify you?

Please do. Complete the Dutch form 'Signaal ontbrekende SBI codes'. This form is available in Dutch only. We trust your Dutch colleague to help you with it.

Can I get a monthly reimbursement instead of the one-time €4,000?

This is not possible. The reimbursement is meant to last 3 months.

Can I apply now? I see a failure message.

We are trying to resolve this right now. You can apply for a reimbursement until and including 26 June 17:00 CEST. The budget is ample. If you cannot apply at this moment, please try again later. Thank you for your patience.

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