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CIC and Venture Café Rotterdam

CIC and Venture Café are sister organisations with separate business models and leadership. However, we have a long history of working very closely together to provide entrepreneurs with the physical infrastructure, connection to resources and day-to-day community (CIC) as well as an expanded regional community and targeted innovation programmes (Venture Café) to best support them. Venture Café Rotterdam is physically located within CIC Rotterdam.

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CIC’s mission is to change the world through innovation by developing ecosystems that allow exceptional entrepreneurs to create new products and companies better and faster. We do this by providing infrastructure (high-quality, flexible office space) and by actively building startup communities at premium locations of future-focused cities.

Venture Café Foundation builds innovation communities. We host the largest weekly innovation community event in Rotterdam. Every Thursday we gather a large national and international community. Connecting innovators to make things happen.

Target group

CIC and Venture Cafe are looking for startups that recognise themselves in the following description:

  • Your company owns intellectual property which is a competitive advantage and allows you to grow fast;
  • Ideally your founding team is complete and committed, which allows you do sales, grow the company and build the product without outside dependencies.
  • You have an operational marketing plan to grow internationally;
  • Ideally you are serving customers with a first version of your product or service already or expecting to do so within a couple of months;
  • You have a working product or prototype;
  • You agree to domicile in the Netherland, with its main address at CIC Rotterdam and a Dutch Chamber of Commerce number.
  • Ideally, The company or foreign entity is no older than 3 years and The Netherlands will be one of the first markets

Selection criteria

  • An experienced team of at least 2 and up to 4 founders;
  • At least one of the founders has a proven track record of successfully building (and exiting) a company before;
  • Working on a IP-based and scalable business;
  • Planning to hire 5 FTE’s in the coming 3 years;
  • Working with a global expansion strategy;
  • The team will reside in the Netherlands and will use CIC as its base of operations.

Intended results

Our mission is to help experienced entrepreneurs grow global businesses quickly and effectively in the Netherlands. Whether this means easily securing funding, hiring an amazing team, or a successful launch, we are looking to support foreign entrepreneurs to grow global businesses headquartered in the Netherlands.


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Melissa Ablett
General Manager CIC Rotterdam
Katja Berkhout
Executive Director Venture Café
Andreas Stillman
Community & Events Manager Venture Café
Niel de Vries
Community Associate CIC Rotterdam

Contact details

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