An accelerator programme in the maritime, logistics, energy and chemicals & refinery sectors. Scouting startups worldwide to join a three-month programme. The aim is to build the companies of the future in these sectors.

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The objective of our programme is to grow startups in the sectors logistics, maritime, chemicals & refineries and energy to the next level. We do this as a non-profit organisation.

PortXL is the global hub for entrepreneurial innovation in the above-mentioned sectors. We work in cooperation with our partners and the international network.

Target group

Port-related startups, with a focus on the sectors: Maritime, Transport & Logistics, Chemicals & Refineries and Energy.

Selection criteria

We are looking for companies that are just about to realise their first sale or are looking for their second or third customer. It is important to have a prototype, in order to find partners for your first pilot or to find additional customers. In addition, we are looking for scalable propositions with an ambition to play an important role in the global market. The startup team is also a key element: it should have essential capabilities such as entrepreneurship, technical skills, finance and marketing skills.

Intended results

We ensure that every startup ends up with a customer; this can be a pilot with a customer or an actual sell.



Mare Straetmans
Carolien Sandee
Paul Jansen
Esther Lokhorst
Xiomarah Monsanto
Nikolas Nikolaidis
André Sterk
Mariska Schuhmacher

Contact details

Visiting address: Marconistraat 16, Rotterdam (12th floor)

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