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TEC4Immigrants is a programme specially developed for talented newcomers to the Netherlands who want to set up a company. In a group of 12 to 16 participants, you will be supervised by a team of 5 successful entrepreneurs. Every 6 weeks, a meeting day is held on a Business Model Canvas theme, in which all participants share experiences and set new goals for the following period. In this period, the startups will be coached by startups from a previous programme and one of the experienced entrepreneurs.

Start date facilitator

01-01-2018 start Program II


The Netherlands is becoming one of the world’s most attractive locations for startups. Innovative startups are able to put science-based knowledge to economic use. Startups from all over the world influence and enrich the Dutch entrepreneurial ecosystem, turning the Netherlands into a leading country for innovation.

TEC4Immigrants aims to become the most successful programme for promising international startups. It is a peer-group programme, in which startups help one another in peer-to-peer meetings.

Toon Budding' is the main facilitator of the TEC4Immigrants service programme. To take part in the 3-year programme, you are only required to pay a small fee for the first year and show dedication and commitment.

Target audience

Young highly educated creative entrepreneurs with vision and passion who want to start a business.

Selection criteria

After an intake interview and a look at your draft business plan, we can decide quickly whether you will be selected for our programme, using the following criteria. You need to score over 60 to be selected.

Selection criteriaMaximum number of points 
Entrepreneurs' experience25
Level of innovation25
Business possibilities concept 20


Intended results

You will need to become self-sufficient after the first year. Bootstrapping - starting a business with minimal finance - is permitted, and you can change your business plan.


  • Dynamique at Work developed a platform for female leaders to seek coaching and peer review. Racheal Govender (South Africa) is an experienced international business coach.
  • Easy Clean Plastic Recycling is developing a factory to make fences and floors from recycled plastic. Alireza Peitrovi (Iran) and his team have funding and are looking for Dutch construction partners.
  • Everplays creates new techniques for managing large WLANs to compete with Citrix and VMWare. Behrooz Shabani (Iran) is a very experienced and skilled web developer.
  • Fin Air Tech developed into a fast-growing company that produces and markets avocado products. Oscar Castellanos Galindo (Colombia) is an environmental agronomist and engineer.
  • Hayes Engineering and Consulting developed an integrated risk and maintenance tool for complex industrial systems. Marius Hayes (South Africa) has many years of international experience as a system engineer.
  • Little Demon is your creative partner for smart business innovations. Their product, Service Sprints, is now running at major international companies. Juan Orozco en Camillo Gonzalez (Colombia) studied Business Design in Utrecht.
  • The Panda Tribe is a platform for sustainable products. The first product, a bamboo tooth brush, was launched by Xuejuan Zhang (China) herself. She graduated from Rotterdam University.
  • Usight is a platform where 3D and AR designers share techniques. Enrique Arce Gutierrez (Mexico) worked as entrepreneur (designer) during his study in the Netherlands.
  • Winze developed a student-elderly matching tool for an odd-job platform commissioned by the City of Delft. Aman Jindal (India) and his team are deeply involved in the local community.
  • Zidi BV matches European investors with African SME entrepreneurs via an interactive platform. Fridah Ntarangwi-Kimathi (Kenia) knows the local market and worked in the Dutch finance industry for a couple of years.


Contact details

For more information contact:

Toon Buddingh'
Geestbrugkade 32
2281 CX Rijswijk
Tel: +31 6 51 33 26 38

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