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Conditions SDE++


The following conditions apply to all SDE++ categories.

General conditions

Per category 1 application

For each opening round of the SDE++, you can submit a maximum of one application per category of production plant, per address at which the production plant is placed. However, you can apply for subsidies for different categories of production plants at a single address.

Feasibility study

It is sometimes mandatory to carry out a feasibility study with, for example, an operation calculation of the project. With the feasibility study you provide a substantiation of the feasibility of your project. After publication of the scheme in the Netherlands Government Gazette, more will become known about it.


In most cases one or more permits are required for the production plant. When you submit your application these permits must have been issued by the competent authority. You can attach them to your application. Which permits apply differs per category.

Please note: With effect from the SDE++ 2020 autumn round, a permit under the Nature Conservation Act (Wnb: Wet natuurbescherming) will be required for subsidy applications for biomass projects (if applicable).

Phase amount

The amount of subsidy applied for (the so-called 'phase amount') may vary. You can submit your subsidy application in tenths of eurocents per kilowatt hour. This allows you to tailor your subsidy application more closely to your business case. The phase amount shall not exceed the maximum phase amount of the relevant phase and the maximum base amount of the relevant technology.

Approval from the location owner

Are you not the owner of the intended location? Then you are required to send a statement from the owner with your application. Stating that the owner of the location has given you permission to install and operate a production installation at the location during the duration of the subsidy. For this statement you can use the model statement 'Model toestemming locatie-eigenaar' which you can find on 'Bijlagen bij uw aanvraag voor de SDE++'.

Transmission capacity indication

If you are going to produce electricity, you are obliged to send along a transmission capacity indication (Transportindicatie). This must demonstrate that sufficient transmission capacity is available for the location your application relates to. Ask your grid operator to prepare the transmission capacity indication for you. Because the transmission capacity on the electricity grid can change, a 2019 transmission capacity indication is not sufficient. To apply for the SDE++ 2020, you must request a new transmission indication. This is not yet possible. You can read more about this before the opening.

Private grid

Would you like to connect your production plant to a private grid (Closed-Distribution System grid)? In that case, you and the private grid operator must request a transmission capacity indication from your national or regional grid operator who is responsible for the transfer point to which the private grid is connected. If you do not know who your network operator is, you can check at

Grid operators