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SDE+ cornerstones

If you are planning to apply for a grant within the Stimulation of Sustainable Energie Production (SDE+) scheme, there are four facts you must know, the so-called cornerstones of the SDE+. They will help you to understand when to apply and what your possibilities are, in order that your application may be successful.

One integral budget ceiling

For every SDE+ application round, one budget ceiling has been determined for all categories together. The budget is distributed according to the principle of first come, first serve. Grant applications involving the lowest production costs (base amount) can apply earlier.

Phase opening

The SDE+ opens in phases. Each phase has a maximum phase amount. This maximum phase amount increases for each phase.
For each technology there is a maximum base amount and a maximum number of full-load hours per year above which no grant is paid.

A maximum base amount

The SDE+ has a maximum base amount. Technologies that are able to produce renewable energy for this sum or less can be eligible for a grant.

An open category

You can also apply for a lower subsidy than the maximum base amount for the technology in question. Such applications are said to fall within the ‘open category’. Renewable energy producers or those aiming to be renewable energy producers can apply for subsidies in this category for amounts equal to multiples of a tenth of a eurocent per kilowatt hour. This allows them to tailor their subsidy application more closely to their business case. The amount of subsidy applied for in the 'open category' is lower than the maximum phase amount and higher than the base price for energy.