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Calculation SDG 7 Results


If we approve your SDG 7 Results project, the amount of subsidy you will receive depends on the bid you made to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. For example,

Project costs€1000,000
Max percentage35

If you bid €25 per connection per product and you offered 10,000 connections, the requested subsidy is then €25 x 10,000 = €250,000. This amount is lower than the maximum subsidy percentage of 35% of the project costs, €350,000. If we approve your project, you will receive the requested subsidy of €250,000.

If we find out that your project costs multiplied by the subsidy percentage equal an amount lower than the subsidy you have received, we may ask for some of the subsidy back.

Have you asked for more than the maximum subsidy percentage?

You will not receive a subsidy if you have asked for more than 35% of the project costs. For example,

Project costs€1000,000
Requested subsidy€25 x 20,000 = €500,000

The requested subsidy of €500,000 is higher than the maximum subsidy, 35% of the €1000,000 project costs = €350,000, therefore you will not receive a subsidy.

Eligible project costs

Eligible costs are necessary project costs for activities in the target market. These include:

  • Depreciation costs on investments. For example, depreciation on the construction costs of extra storage space/shops or on vehicles bought for the activities.

And other costs such as:

  • Wages;
  • Freight costs from the supplier to the seller;
  • Transport costs;
  • Storage costs;
  • Quality control costs; and
  • Travel and accommodation costs.

Costs that are not eligible for a subsidy include:

  • Developing your application and applying for the subsidy;
  • Other costs made before you submitted your subsidy application;
  • Inflation and changes to the exchange rate;
  • Turnover tax or other types of tax;
  • Accountant costs; and
  • Representation costs.

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