SDGP programme phases

The SDG Partnership facility (SDGP) consists of 3 programme phases. Additionally, a number of supportive services in the form of activities are offered across all phases when needed.

schedule SDGP phases

1. Project development

The project development phase starts with a call for ideas. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can discuss their project ideas with an RVO advisor several times. The phase proceeds as follows:

  • You submit your ideas for the project (concept note) through the SDGP page.
  • You will then receive suggestions for improvement from the RVO advisor.


For each SDGP call you can choose from a number of topics. A concept note should be focused on one of these topics. You can find the topics for the next call below, under 2. Subsidy application.

Network partners

During the development phase we can also provide you with access to our network and refer you to other network partners. Think, for example, of partners in the sector and the embassies.

2. Subsidy application

As a PPP, you can apply for a project subsidy based on the project plan from the development phase. The subsidy application phase proceeds as follows:

  • You submit the subsidy application, which includes a detailed project proposal.
  • will then assess your project proposal.


During the first call, PPPs can submit project proposals focusing on one of the following topics:

  • nutritional value;
  • efficient value chains;
  • circular economy in the agricultural sector;
  • better work and income for young people and women.

3. Implementation and follow-up

After the allocation of the subsidy, the implementation and follow-up phase starts. In this phase, we will guide the progress of the projects. All PPPs will regularly provide us with information about their progress. We will provide support if necessary and possible. Monitoring and evaluation of the project is very important to make the project a success.

Quality criteria apply to this programme. You can find these in the policy documents.

Activities across all phases

As part of the SDGP programme, can appoint assignments to third parties across all phases in order to support current and new projects. This includes the facilitation of:

  • knowledge sharing;
  • thematic workshops;
  • collaboration with embassies.

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