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The SDG 7 Results programme only supports projects that use renewable energy sources. The product service level you provide to a household is rated based on the Multi-Tier Framework (MTF). The World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme (ESMAP) developed the MTF. You must provide at least the minimum service level mentioned on this page. You must also provide evidence that your product meets a certain service level.

Multi-Tier Framework

In the MTF, ‘tier’ describes the service level rating. You can find specifications for each tier in tables 3 and 4 of annex 2 of the Administrative Rules.

Clean cooking

For your SDG 7 Results project, the stoves you want to distribute must at least meet the requirements in tier 2 of the MTF.

For charcoal stoves, an exception applies to cooking exposure to carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. In this case, you must meet tier 1 emission levels.

You must provide the following evidence with your application to show you have met the requirements.

  1. An official test report showing the stove’s performance. The stove must follow the ISO-IWA 2012 standards and ISO/TC 285 voluntary performance standards.
  2. A document, in the form of your choice, on the user convenience, affordability and fuel availability. Please include how the stove meets the requirements at a specific tier.

Access to electricity

For your SDG 7 Results project, the access to electricity product must meet MTF tier 1 service level requirements. You must provide the following evidence with your application:

Tier 1, 2 and individual systems 3

For products rated at tiers 1, 2 and individual systems rated at tier 3:

  • If VeraSol has tested your product, please provide us with a link to the specification page on the VeraSol website. Please include this link in your project proposal in chapter 3.6.2;
  • For products tested by other independent testing institutes, provide a report for each of your products. Reports must use the same parameters and units as VeraSol. Attach these reports to your application.

Tier 4 and non-individual systems 3

For tier 4 and non-individual systems at tier 3, such as micro and mini-grids, provide:
  • Proof of the system’s generating, storage and distribution capacity. Include a description of the system design and values for important parameters;
  • A document that shows the service level for individual households. State the planned number of customers using the system, the power available per household, and the number of hours of operation;
  • A document for tier 4 systems that describes how you will meet the requirements for attributes 3-7 in annex 2, table 1 of the Administrative Rules.

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