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Starters International Business - SIB

Do you want to increase your opportunities in a new or exisiting foreign market? Do you want to expand your network and make contact with potential foreign customers for your products or services? Do you intend to begin exporting or expand the turnover of your exports? Then you may be eligible for a mission voucher.


Export allows you to effectively spread your risks. Buy how do you start? What are your company’s strengths? Which markets can offer opportunities and how can you successfully seize them?

Three different SIB vouchers can help you with your plans to take your business abroad:

Get inspired

Other entrepreneurs have already put the SIB vouchers into successful use. For example, read more about this electronics and software developing company exploring the Mexican market.

Stay informed

Read more about SIB in our news items.

Our client

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency implements the International Enterprise Vouchers decree and policies. We work together with consultants from private organisations.

Legislation and regulations