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SME Credit Guarantee


Do you lack sufficient collateral as an SME entrepreneur to get a bank loan? Ask your financial advisor about the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme. The SME Credit Guarantee Scheme helps companies by enlarging their collateral through government loans. Companies do need to be viable enough to apply.


In 2019 the budget is €640 million for banks and €25 million for non-bank financiers. The SME Credit Guarantee Scheme has a 90% government guarantee. The Dutch government gives out loans up to €1.5 million through the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme.

Conditions and requirements

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) can apply for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme. SME companies have:

  • up to 250 FTE employees 
  • an annual revenue of up to €50 million
  • a balance sheet total of up to €43 million.

Further conditions:

  • The product is ready for production
  • Commercialisation results have been achieved
  • The step towards profitable exploitation will be made with the requested funding.

Start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs can apply for extra support.

How to apply

Your financier applies for the SME Credit Guarantee Scheme for you as an entrepreneur. Ask about the possibilities.


Email Lodewijk van der Vegt for more information.

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