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DVP Democracy and the rule of law (participant: Russia)

The first Dutch Visitors’ Programme of 2017, on the theme of ‘Democracy and the Rule of Law’, took place in February. The programme gave participants an understanding of Dutch democracy, history and government and the Netherlands’ role in the international legal and human rights systems.

The delegation learned about the Dutch parliamentary system, the rise of populism and the March 2017 national election. They reflected on the future of democracy in a changing world and what this meant in their own situation. Besides visiting institutions, such as the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Council for the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service, the group also toured the Peace Palace, a penitentiary and the Dutch parliament buildings.  

After ten days filled with visits and valuable meetings, an emotional goodbye followed. All the new Holland ambassadors agreed that the programme had given them a valuable tool for identifying the development needs of the democratic and legal institutions in their respective countries.

Participants: Bahrain, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine representatives: Marloes de Goeijen, Marjella Wingelaar, Dorith de Jong (intern)