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DVP Democracy & Rule of Law (participant Vietnam)

The last Dutch Visitors’ Programme of 2018 addressed the theme of Democracy & Rule of Law. Nine participants from varying countries ventured to the Netherlands to partake in an intense and fruitful 10-day programme. The delegation started off with introductions into the Dutch political system through meetings with Senator Paul Schnabel and member of Parliament Joost Sneller. As the programme progressed, more interesting elements and mechanisms of democracy and rule of law were outlined, discussed and experienced. To illustrate, meetings with the Public Prosecutor’s Service (OM), a visit to the Penitentiary Alphen aan den Rijn, and an invigorating Hague Talks session encapsulated some of the very goals of our Dutch Visitors’ Programmes; mutual influence and international dialogue.

On top the of plenary programme, individual programmes allowed the participants to dive deeper into the world of their respective professional fields. Where some had meetings with courts and other legal institutes, others enjoyed appointments at ministries or human right’s oriented NGO’s.

Toward the end of the programme, the delegation traveled to Amsterdam for a though-provoking meeting with Free-press unlimited. On the last day, the programme was concluded with an interactive round-table discussion, followed by a visit to the Rijksmuseum and a quintessential tour of the Amsterdam canals.

Participant quote: “The DVP is a wonderful opportunity to understand the democracy and rule of law in the Netherlands as well as the country and culture as a whole. It is also a great chance to learn from other participants. The programme is tailored for me to gain the most knowledge and develop cooperation relationships in the future”

Countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Colombia, South-Africa, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Turkey representatives: Tim van den Bergh & Coen Bouricius (intern)