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DVP Human Rights (participant Nigeria)

The Dutch Visitor’s Programme on Human Rights of 2018 had a focus on LGBTI. The programme included examples of (international) Dutch policies on LGBTI and Women Emancipation. The group had a short lecture at Leiden Law School on the legal recognition of homosexual orientation in the countries of the world with other students. The delegation visited the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, Workplace Pride Foundation, Justice & Peace, Parliament, Penitentiary Institution, COC Netherland, ATRIA and the Anne Frank House. Furthermore, at Free Press Unlimited we discussed social and digital media & gender related projects.


A very special evening was the Hague Talks in Humanity House. Every participant had a personal story about their life and the reason they were fighting for LGBTI rights. It was really impressive to hear and an amazing contribution to this wonderful programme.


Testimony of Ruslan Savolainen, the participant from Russia: ''It's just amazing how much knowledge, contacts and new opportunities for development I get on this trip. I will return home full of inspiration, ideas and I will take up work with even greater zeal.''

Countries:                                  : Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia representatives                 : Marjella Wingelaar, Monique Boon-Habets & Sarafina Boermans (intern)