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DVP Sustainable Energy (participant Vietnam)

From the 1st until the 11th of July the Dutch Visitors Programme on ‘Sustainable Energy’ took place. Seven participants from different countries visited the Netherlands to share their challenges and learn from the Dutch best-practices and solutions in the energy sector. The high-potentials were eager to learn more about The Netherlands and each had their own goals to meet during the program.  

The programme gave the participants insights into the Dutch sustainable energy policy through meetings with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, and several companies and knowledge institutes. Reuse of heat, biofuels, wind power, solar power and small scale initiatives all were covered in the program.


Participants of the 47th DVP found the programme both useful and enjoyable. They appreciated the detailed planning and organisation of the overall concept and content of the programme.

In terms of personal value it was the ‘awareness’ that the programme offered with respect to the need for an enabling environment to promote sustainable energy, via public/private partnerships, innovation and long-term planning. Participants therefore hope to share these insights and knowledge within their organisations and networks. A few participants also suggested direct follow-up with Dutch organisations to explore mutually beneficial collaborations in the future. For example, the South Africa participant met with one of her newly established Dutch contacts after the DVP in her home country to discuss more in depth the concept of biofuels.


Quote from a participant: “The planning of the programme was excellent. I really appreciate your generosity and professionalism. The research that went into putting the programme together especially the  individual programme is immense and was worth it, I thank you.”


Countries:                   : Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Turkey representative  : Pascale Moning, Jim van der Zwan and Remco Triezenberg