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IP Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

As Poland is increasing expenditure on and expanding its approach to development, emergency response and humanitarian aid, the Dutch government invited a delegation from Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NGOs to see how these issues are dealt with in the Netherlands. In three packed days, the delegation received information on how development cooperation policy is made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the work of several Dutch NGOs. MP Achraf Boualir of D66 shared his insights on the political processes around these international issues.

The delegation’s visit to the Netherlands came only days after hurricane Irma caused enormous devastation on St Maarten. As emergency response got under way, the Ministry of Defence shared with the Polish delegation its first-hand experience of unfolding developments. The idea that the armed forces can play a role in humanitarian aid and emergency response was new to the Poles.

Another key development theme is monitoring and evaluation of projects and interventions. A roundtable sessions with experts in this field made clear that questions about accountability and learning are universal.

‘I was surprised about the common understanding of the necessity of humanitarian aid among the government, private sector and society at large.’

Embassy Representative: Kasia Kolman representative: Marloes de Goeijen