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IP Innovation in horticulture

To promote the Netherlands and the Holland Pavilion at the World Expo in Astana, built around the theme of ‘Low Land, High Energy’, a Kazakh delegation comprising of 9 horticultural professionals and journalists visited the Netherlands a few weeks before the start of the World Expo. The visit was aimed at showcasing Dutch horticultural innovation.

The programme had a good balance of meetings and site visits. Delegates learned about different technologies and innovative concepts in greenhouse construction (such as those developed by Dalsem, Van der Hoeven and Certhon) and saw Dutch greenhouse systems at work, such as automated cultivation systems, vertical farming, and automated sorting and grading lines. The delegation also visited a flower auction, flower growers, a horticultural training centre, seed companies and greenhouse vegetable growers. Finally, there were various networking opportunities where delegates could make useful contacts, for instance with Holland Horti International, Staay Food Group and Lenta LLC.

'The programme of the visit exceeded my expectations. I saw with my own eyes how greenhouse operations can be automated. I learned about the system of vertical farming for the first time.’

Embassy representative: Zulfira Sadykjanova representatives: Bregje Korteweg, Marius Koops (intern)