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IP Peace, justice and security (participant: Bahrein)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the The Hague municipality invited eight human rights defenders from different countries to the Netherlands for the influential visitors’ programme on the theme of ‘Peace, Justice and Security’.  

On their first day, delegates visited a number of Dutch human rights advocacy organisations, notably COC Netherlands, the Anne Frank Foundation and Pink in Blue. The second day focused on international courts and tribunals that contribute to international peace, justice and security, with visits to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Court. The third and final day featured interactive sessions with the International Commission on Missing Persons, the legal innovation institute HiiL and Saskia Bruines, a member of the Hague municipal executive . All the sessions focused on the question of innovation in peace, justice and security.

‘Very useful programme and meetings. I will definitely share my new insights with human rights groups in my country.’

Participants from: Bahrein, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, Russia, Romania

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ingrid de Beer representative: Tim van den Berg  (intern)