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IP Responsible coal supply chain

Coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels, yet it remains a key energy source. As long as hard coal is still needed, we need to ensure that it is sourced and traded in a way that respects people and the environment. The Dutch government does this by promoting responsible business conduct.

The multi-stakeholder visit of the South African government, mining companies and NGOs/CSOs to the Netherlands and Germany was a follow-up to the Dutch coal mission to South Africa in 2016. Its purpose was to continue the dialogue on responsible sourcing and identify opportunities for collaboration such as community engagement, recultivation and exploring the water and mining nexus. Visits to the EMO coal transhipment terminal, Deltares iD-Lab and the RWE mine in Germany improved the delegates’ understanding of the Western side of the coal supply chain.

 ‘This programme has exceeded my expectations and also taught me the importance of interactions between all stakeholders.’

Embassy representative: Bregje Wijsenbeek representatives: Monique Boon-Habets, Sarafina Boermans (intern)