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UVN Argentina and the Netherlands: a partnership fit for the 21st century

Argentina and the Netherlands are major trading partners. President Mauricio Macri, who took office in late 2015, has liberalised Argentina’s economy and opened it to global trade and foreign investment. Argentina is a G20 member, withthe world’s 21st largest economy. Besides being a key trading partner, the Netherlands is one of the country’s principal investors. President Macri’s recent state visit to the Netherlands served to strengthen this thriving partnership.

During the visit, Argentina’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Héctor Horacio Salvador, kindly invited the journalists in the delegation and Dutch companies from the agri-food, energy, water and logistics sectors to his residence. As a result, some interesting conversations and interviews were published in many Argentinian newspapers the next day.
The three-day programme included an animated dialogue with Special Water Envoy Henk Ovink. Finally, the visit to the Anne Frank House made a huge impression.  
The last day of the tour coincided with the Dutch general election. The journalists followed the news with great interest and visited a polling station in Amsterdam’s Westerkerk. The visit generated a lot of media coverage. representative: Marianne van Male