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UVN Innovations in agriculture, efficient energy and water use

In the run-up to Expo 2017 in Astana four media teams visited the Netherlands, each consisting of one correspondent and one cameraman. As the theme of the Expo was Future Energy, the visit focused on innovations in agriculture and efficient energy and water use.

Agricultural topics were addressed during visits to the Keukenhof gardens, Royal Flora Holland flower auction in Naaldwijk and tomato grower Lans. At Lans, the group was accompanied by a representative of the greenhouse manufacturer Bom Group, who also discussed energy and water efficiency.

‘We are ready to offer our media outlet as a platform for exchanging information on cultural and historical life of the Netherlands.’ representatives: Anastasia Shpakova (Embassy),
Embassy representatives: Bregje Korteweg, Marjella Wingelaar, Iddo van der Giessen (intern)