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Filing a patent application in Europe

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An application for a European patent may be filed directly with the European Patent Office. The application must fulfil requirements known as formal requirements.

The formal requirements are as follows:

  • Each page must be numbered and every 5th line must be numbered in ascending order.
  • The first page of the description must be provided with a title.
  • The line-spacing on each page must be 1.5.
  • The claims begin on a new page.
  • The text contained within drawings must be translated, either within the drawing itself or on a separate page.
  • The following margins must be adhered to: top margin 2 cm, right-hand and bottom margin 2 cm and left-hand margin 2.5 cm.
  • Nothing should be written in the margins, except the information stated in points a, b, c and/or d.

Priority year

It is not necessary to apply for a patent in different countries at the same time. If you initially apply for a patent with our office, you still have 12 months following the filing date in which to file the same application via an international procedure (a European procedure, for example). In that case, you can use what is known as the right of priority.

In the case of applying for a European patent, the same filing date applies as that of the original application in the Netherlands. Practically all countries that have a patent-granting authority recognise the right of priority.

Priority document

Fees may be paid to our bank account (see Contact information), quoting the application number and/or the applicant's name.