Doing business for companies in the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Opportunities are plentiful for entrepreneurs who venture abroad. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( helps businesses fulfill their international ambitions. Entrepreneurs in the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands can benefit from the agency’s services.

Promoting trade and export

To promote trade and investment and strengthen the whole of the Kingdom’s foreign economic relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made various instruments available to entrepreneurs on Curaçao, Aruba, St Maarten and other countries in the Caribbean Netherlands since 1 January 2018.

De landen binnen het Koninkrijk der NederlandenThe services, subsidies and other programmes are available for trade and investment projects in countries outside the Kingdom. Caribbean entrepreneurs may use these services and programmes under the same conditions as European Dutch companies and in cooperation with local partners.

Unique position in the Caribbean region

Enterprise and promoting trade and investment are vital to the economic development of a region. By making the most of the knowledge and contacts in the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom, we harness the economic power and diversity in this region.

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Exporting goods and services abroad offers your business more opportunities. It can lead to greater sales and serve as a solution to the challenge of increased competition in the domestic market. With its Starters International Business (SIB) programme, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can help you move into foreign markets.
The DHI scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies supports Dutch enterprises (including enterprises in the overseas parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) that want to invest in or execute a project in emerging markets and in developing countries.
Trade barriers, lack of access to the right contacts or vital knowledge, or local regulations that get in the way. Doing business abroad in an unfamiliar market can be duanting. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs assists groups of businesses through the Partners In Business programme (PIB, in Dutch).
Do you have an international project in a developing country or an emerging market or are you looking for a business partner? See what can do for you!
Do you have questions? Contact us. But please check first if your question is one of the frequently asked questions (currently only available in Dutch).
These are the representatives of the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom in the Netherlands. They are based in The Hague.

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