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Journalists Programme

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency organises about 12 press visits for Journalists to the Netherlands each year. A visit usually takes 3 days and the group size will usually be a maximum of 8 participants per visit. The programmes are open for journalists from newspapers, magazines and blogs, as well as radio and TV crews. The visits are made possible with the support of local embassies.

Through the programmes, journalists from all types of media and from different countries are invited to visit the Netherlands to report on specific themes, mainly related to State visits and strategic economic missions. The goal is to create more media exposure to these visits and missions.

The initiative for a Journalists Programme may vary. These are the three main options:

  1. A state visit or a strategic trade mission with presence of one of the Ministers will soon take place. A group of journalists from that specific country will then be invited to the Netherlands in advance. The journalists will have a meeting with the King or/and one of the Ministers. In addition, they will be introduced to the themes of the State visit or the strategic mission and to the sectors and some of the firms of the trade mission.
  2. In a few cases it will be possible for an embassy to send in a proposal for a media tour within the framework of a special occasion in the relations that the Netherlands has with another country.
  3. A last initiative might be for a media tour related to a special event in The Netherlands.

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