Dutch Visitors Programme for High Potentials (DVP)

Number & costs

In the case of the Dutch Visitors Programme (DVP) for high potentials, the figures are slightly different from the IP programme. There is a fixed number of 6 programmes per year. It is a 10-day intensive study visit, consisting of 6,5 collective days, 2 days of and 1,5 tailor-made individual days. There is a fixed number of 8 participants from 8 different countries, so it is a mix of nationalities. The costs for the flights and the stay in the Netherlands of the invited high potentials are fully provided for by the programme.


This is a high profile programme for the next generation of leaders from emerging countries. The aim is to increase the knowledge and involvement of the participants in the Netherlands for future cooperation. The emphasis lies on creating a network of ‘Holland Ambassadors’ worldwide. Often, the themes of the programmes have a strong economic diplomacy component. In the interest of fostering improved mutual understanding, the programme offers participants the opportunity to experience the Netherlands first hand; to obtain valuable insight into the country’s history, culture, people and
society; and to gain relevant knowledge and acquire helpful contacts within a focus area in the Netherlands to fulfil both professional and personal needs and interests. Moreover, the programme should be used by the embassies as a tool for expanding and maintaining their network.


The themes – Democracy, Water, Logistics, Human Rights, Food Security and Sustainable Urban Delta - and dates of DVP are determined in The Hague by the steering committee, represented by people from the Ministry of FA and RVO.nl. Subsequently, the Dutch embassies and consulates are informed and they are invited to submit a candidate for the programme. Candidates cannot apply themselves. Again, only candidates from designated countries are entitled to participate. [The country list is included in this booklet].
After the deadline, the steering committee will decide which candidates are selected for the programme. The nominating embassies will officially invite the selected candidates to take part in the programme. Subsequently, RVO.nl will contact the participants and carry out the actual organisation of the programme. For this high profile DVP, a Programme Board has been installed, headed by the chairman of VNO-NCW.


In particular candidates from emerging economies are encouraged to participate in the programme. Ideal candidates are highly qualified, talented, entrepreneurial and internationally oriented individuals with a background in government, politics, civil society, business, media, education or science. They are aged between 27 and 35, in possession of a Master’s degree, fluent in English and active in a field or discipline relevant to the Netherlands.

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