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Sustainable enterprise

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People. Planet. Profit. Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports Dutch and international entrepreneurs and researchers in developing sustainable projects related to energy and climate and the environment.

We help you to incorporate sustainable practices into your business strategy and your daily activities. For example, we give tips about smart ways to save energy and materials by cooperating with partners in the supply chain. With the following subsidy programmes, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency aims to help you to attain your sustainability ambitions.

Energy and Climate

The Netherlands has embraced a courageous vision: by 2050, the country will have a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in which CO2 emissions have been halved and 40 percent of electricity is derived from sustainable sources. The remaining 60 percent of electricity will come from gas, nuclear fuel and modern coal-powered plants using Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology. By 2020, the goal is to have increased sustainable energy use by 20 percent.

The government is investing billions of euros in energy efficiency, sustainable energy and CO2 reduction. Innovation and public-private partnerships are key to the Dutch approach: the government, private sector, and academia co-operate on topics such as green materials, built environment, sustainable mobility, chain efficiency, sustainable electricity, new gas, and greenhouses as a source of energy.

Read more about developments in the Dutch energy system in an international context in the National Energy Outlook.


The environment has been a leading force in the development of the Netherlands. Over the centuries, in its quest to control and protect its environment, Holland has developed some of the world's most advanced environmental technologies. This environmental expertise is in demand worldwide. Holland excels in waste processing, water purification, soil remediation and environmental management and consultancy. The country's progressive environmental policies and strong institutional management practices help to spur on continuing innovation in the field.

Read the online magazine Holland Circular Hotspot for Dutch success stories.

Open programmes

  • Using the MIA and Vamil you can:
    • invest in environmentally friendly products or company resources with a fiscal advantage;
    • bring innovative environmentally-friendly products onto the market more quickly.
  • The SDE+ is an incentive for the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands.


Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out MIA/VAMIL for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and EIA and SDE+ for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.