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Improvement programme and reviews


To prepare for the Kyoto Protocol and bring the national system into line with requirements, the Netherlands has implemented a monitoring improvement programme.

The National System

The actions taken were based on the following major input:

  • Expert workshops made a preliminary assessment (around 1999/2000) of the inventory process, any weak spots and of potential areas for improvement. A long list of actions was identified. An interdepartmental committee (WEB) prepared a shortlist of prioritised actions, to be included in an improvement programme. In 2001, NL Agency was asked to assume the practical co-ordination of this programme.
  • Extensive sectoral reviews and studies, implemented to support the elaboration of monitoring protocols.
  • Review of cross-cutting issues such as QA/QC and uncertainty analyses, identifying any weak spots and potential improvements for these issues.
  • UNFCCC reviews. These provided a crucial input for improvement actions, being the main indicator of 'customer' satisfaction.

The National System, in line with the international requirements, was established at the end of 2005. NL Agency coordinates the 'maintenance' and regular update of the system if neccesary.