QA/QC plan

The QA/QC plan consists of four groups of activities.

Quality control

  • Providing a transparent system through protocols, procedures and QA/QC programme.
  • Regularly updating the information on QA/QC of external agencies.
  • Applying General QC (Tier 1) procedures, as part of the regular working processes, in accordance with IPCC good practice guidance and, where applicable, source-specific QC    procedures for selected sources.

The main responsibility for implementation of quality checks lies with the ER. NL Agency (NIE) regularly checks whether activities and outputs (still) conform to the guidelines.

Quality assurance

  • Annual basic peer reviews and a 5-year cycle of extensive reviews of relevant sectors, including possible intra-EU collaborative reviews.
  • Assessing practical options for further verification and source-specific QA.
  • Assessing options and needs for audits.

This is primarily done by staff not directly involved in the inventory process, coordinated by NL Agency (NIE).

Documentation and archiving

  • Providing documentation and archiving as part of the normal inventory process.
  • Facilitating UNFCCC reviews and responses for clarification.

This is a joint responsibility of ER and NIE, the latter being charged with co-ordination.

Evaluation and improvement

  • Implementation of the annual evaluation and improvement cycle.
  • Implementing the improvement programme.

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