Sustainable biomass

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Sustainable Biomass

The Netherlands Programme Sustainable Biomass (NPSB) by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency  supported around 40 pioneering projects in biomass for several years.

The general outlook of the programme is that demand for biomass resources is expected to increase for both local markets and export markets as well as for existing uses and for new markets in the biobased economy. Future possibilities for biomass importing countries to use biomass depend not only on available sustainable production potentials, but also on demand from other countries.

The NPSB projects have demonstrated the possibility to create optimized, sustainable biomass production chains. Nevertheless, one has to realize that a transition towards more sustainable, innovative production models requires time, investment and effort. Lessons learned point to the need for integrated approaches with concerted action from multiple stakeholders.

Results & lessons learned

More than a 100 publications, tools and reports have been published. Aggregate findings, meta-lessons learned and recommendations for policy and private sector related to biomass, biofuels and the biobased-economy can be found on these pages:

Publications & results


Overview of results & lessons learned

Please also see the video on Youtube for more information.

The NPSB project portfolio consists of the Global Sustainable Biomass Fund and the Sustainable Biomass Import Fund. These programmes are funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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