How to use the Handbook Solid Biomass?

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Sustainable Biomass Handbook

The Handbook has a modular structure. Each module has a number and a title, and represents a ‘chapter’ in the Handbook. Depending on your existing knowledge and information needs, you may read only one or some of the modules. The box at the beginning of each module summarizes the objectives and contents of that module, and specify how it relates to the other modules in the Handbook. This will guide you to modules that specifically meet your information needs.

The structure of the Modules is as follows:

  • 100 Introduction

    Module 100 provides background information on objectives, scope and contents of the Handbook.

  • 200 General
    These modules are for readers who wish to learn:
    • About the biomass sustainability debate in general (Module 210);
    • About the role of certification in ensuring sustainable use of solid biomass for bio-energy (Module 220);
    • About biomass sustainability requirements in legislation in Europe (Module 230);
    • Module 240 provides a decision tree which helps operators assess if certification is required or useful in their particular situation.
  • 300 Certification schemes
    These modules are for readers who wish to learn:
    • How certification works, and how a certification scheme is structured (Module 310);
    • About key features and comparison of certification schemes (Module 320);
    • Module 330 provides a decision tree which helps operators to choose a certification scheme
    • Module 340 – 380 contain fact sheets with detailed information of the certification schemes covered in this Handbook.
  • 400 Practical tools for assessing sustainability impacts
    Module 410 provides references to guidance documents. These modules are for readers who wish to learn:
    • How the assessment of sustainability criteria shall be done in practice;
    • Which tools and guidance documents are available to assist with the sustainability assessment.
  • 500 Related legislation

    Module 510 provides information on the EU Timber Regulation, and provides practical guidance to operators on how to comply with the Regulation requirements.

  • 600 Related sustainability aspects
    These modules are for readers who wish to learn:
    • What is meant by ‘carbon debt’, and why it is a relevant issue (Module 610);
    • Indirect effects of biomass use for energy (Module 620).
  • 700 Glossary of terms and abbreviations
    • Module 710 provides a glossary of terms and abbreviations used in this Handbook.

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