Sustainable Biomass Import

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Sustainable Biomass Programme

The Netherlands does not produce enough biomass to meet the needs of the energy and chemicals sector. It is therefore necessary to import biomass.

The Sustainable Biomass Import programme aims to stimulate, support and facilitate the promotion of sustainable production, processing and import of biomass produced abroad, leading to the application of biomass for energy, transport or chemical purposes in the Netherlands.
At present it is difficult for enterprises to demonstrate that the biomass they import is sustainable. Sustainability criteria have been developed and are partly implemented in legislation such as the EU Renewable Energy Directive, which will be implemented in 2011. A significant number of certification systems are under development.

The Sustainable Biomass Import programme is financed through the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, with a total budget of € 7,500,000. There are 15 projects recognised within this programme.

It is no longer possible to request a subsidy.

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