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The biobased economy (BBE) is developing rapidly globally. How can the Netherlands take advantage of the international opportunities arising from these developments?

The above question was the starting point for a project that has been carried out between October 2013 – June 2014. The main aim for is to support Dutch organisations doing business abroad. The specific objectives for this assignment are:

  • Develop 'information products' that will facilitate Dutch organisations doing international  business in the biobased economy (BBE);
  • Develop recommendations how the Netherlands (government, private sector and knowledge institutes) can improve taking advantage of the existing market opportunities in the BBE.

The project resulted in the following different ‘products’:

  1. Final report (see 'Download' below) providing an overview of the project’s results and recommendations, for usage by all interested organisations.
  2. 16 country reports (8-10 pages) with BBE  related information of a country: see ‘Countries’ section
  3. 4 examples of Dutch companies active abroad
  4. Presentation overview of major global developments related to the BBE (see 'Download' below)
  5. Overview of 195 relevant sources used for this study (see 'Download' - Excel-file - below). This overview includes a brief summary for each publication, regional focus, keywords, and link to the original report.

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