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Climate change


Dutch knowledge and experience are important tools for actions needed for climate change in developing countries. We invest in innovative solutions and climate-proof infrastructures. By doing so, we support the people who suffer the most from climate change.

Get advice on climate change challenges

Would you like to help increase the effects of climate change around the world? Do you have an innovative idea to fight climate change challenges in developing countries? Consult our advisors, they are happy to help you and offer advice.

Climate change funding

The time for climate change is now. By combining climate change actions with sustainable solutions in developing countries, we can make a difference.

Find funding for your climate change project.

Contributing to the SDGs

Climate change projects contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 6: clean water and sanitation
  • SDG 7: affordable and clean energy
  • SDG 13: climate action.

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