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Sustainability of international chains


Problems in international chains are often complex, especially in developing countries. A Dutch company is often only a single link in the chain. Also, a single company is not always able to resolve problems in the production chain on its own. This is why cooperation between various parties within the sector is vital. We can support you in that area.

Would you like your organisation to contribute to the sustainability of international chains? You can do so, for example, by fighting child labour or improving conditions for miners. Or by increasing the sustainability of value chains in connection with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


There are numerous projects thinkable to increase the sustainability of international chains in developing countries. Your project could be about building a sustainable supply chain, checking what is going on with your product from production to sale and perhaps taking the initiative to start research for the entire chain. For a diversity of projects and for a diversity of branches such as the fashion industry, agriculture, production of meat, milk or poultry or other consumer products;our subsidies and programmes can help fund your ideas and work. Searching for project funding? Have a look at our subsidies and programmes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means taking responsibility for the impact of your business on the environment, society, and employees while striving for economic success. Read more about CSR.

Looking for inspiration?

Read about the experiences of business owners who took part in projects involving increasing the sustainability of chains in developing countries.

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