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Handbook Certification Solid Biomass


Sustainability certification of solid biomass is gaining increasing interest, in particular for biomass used for bio-energy production. Sustainability certification is used as an ‘independent stamp’ showing that biomass has been produced, processed and/or used sustainably.

There are numerous and fast developments in this area: market players work on voluntary certification of biomass they produce, supply or use for energy production. Certification schemes are being developed and further detailed, in many cases with the involvement of a variety of stakeholders. Last but not least, both European and national governments  are considering working on proposals for (mandatory or voluntary) sustainability requirements for solid biomass used for energy production.

Who can use this handbook?

The objective of this Handbook is to facilitate market players and other stakeholders in information gathering and informed decision making in relation to sustainability certification of solid biomass, and a number of related issues. Market players in international or national chains of solid biomass production, processing and use (bio-energy producers) can use this handbook, as well as other stakeholders in sustainability certification of solid biomass, e.g. policy makers, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), consultants and researchers.

You will find the different modules of the handbook, including brief descriptions of their content, in the section How to use this handbook.
A download of the complete Handbook is also available on that page.

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