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Last checked on:
6 November 2023
Published on:
29 November 2013

This facility is closed. You can no longer apply for a subsidy.

The Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) is a programme for public-private partnerships. FDOV supports food security and corporate development in developing countries. You will find inspiration for possible projects on food security on this page.

Consult our advisors

Do you have an innovative idea for a food security project? Our advisors are happy to explain the options for your project through other programmes. Send us an email with your ideas.

Sustainable development

FDOV helps to achieve the following sustainable development goals (SDGs) in developing countries:

  • SDG 2: ending hunger
  • SDG 8: decent jobs and economic growth
  • SDG 17: partnerships for the goals.

It is necessary to work together to reach these goals. That is why FDOV works with public-private partnerships (PPPs) between government, businesses, NGOs and/or knowledge centres.

Programmes and projects

Through FDOV, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency carries out 40 projects in 20 countries and 9 sectors. The total budget for this programme is €103 million. So far, 67% of the budget has been spent.

On our Development Cooperation Projects database, you will find all FDOV projects that have been active or started since January 2015. This portal offers an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes the Netherlands Enterprise Agency carried out. You can refine your search by using filter options such as country, sector and programme.

Project management

Once we have approved your proposal, the project partners can start implementing the project. The grant award defines the results the project partners need to achieve.

Every year, the organisation that leads the project needs to report on the project's progress. We will pay the subsidy contribution in predetermined instalments. Initially, all payments are advance payments. Read more about reporting:


Read more about FDOV:


FDOV learnings

PPPLab publications

PPPLab was a four-year action research and joint learning & support initiative. It was active between 2014 and 2018. It aimed to share the relevance, effectiveness and quality of Dutch supported public-private partnerships (PPPs). PPPLab's mission was to gather and share knowledge and lessons from and on PPPs. This knowledge and lessons are valuable for improving implementation and policy. PPPLab's initiative focused on partnerships in the first rounds of the:

  • Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), and
  • Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV).

In our documents and publications library you can find all PPPLab documents.


FDOV in practice

FDOV carries out 40 projects in 20 countries and 9 sectors. Watch the videos for inspiration.

FDOV: 10 years of making an impact

Special partnership makes female entrepreneurs less vulnerable

Public-private partnership FoodTechAfrica in Kenya for fresh and affordable fish

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