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Published on:
19 June 2020
Last checked on:
7 July 2020

Are you passionate about circular solutions? Are you working on new products and services which contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Do you want the opportunity to grow or expand your knowledge and network abroad? Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G) helps create public-private partnerships, and offers financing.

What does P4G do?

P4G brings businesses, government and civil society organisations together in public-private partnerships that speed up green growth. The P4G initiative aims to advance breakthrough solutions that help meet humanity’s greatest needs in 5 SDG sectors:

  • food and agriculture (SDG2),
  • clean water (SDG6),
  • clean energy (SDG7),
  • sustainable cities (SDG11), and
  • circular economy (SDG12).

Funding and other support

P4G helps create global communities of best practices in the 5 SDG areas. Partnerships are actively connected to networks in other relevant countries.

Each year, P4G organises a global partnership proposal competition. The winning public-private partnerships receive either startup funding of up to USD100,000 or scaleup funding of up to USD 1 million. P4G currently funds more than 30 partnerships.

The initiative also helps its partners by offering support in pitching to investors, building partnership networks and by giving advice on industry best practices.

P4G Network Gathering and P4G Summit

P4G helps expand networks and knowledge by bringing the funded partnerships together. It introduces partners to senior government, investors, business leaders and civil society leaders via its Network Gatherings. The P4G initiative also helps expand networks via recognition on social media, in news, and through speaking opportunities at its events.

Every 1.5 to 2 years, P4G organises a Summit, which is hosted by a participating country. Next to the Gathering, seminars are organised. Many world leaders, pioneers in the SDG areas, investors and business society leaders are invited.

For whom?

P4G is for SMEs, bigger companies, NGOs, knowledge institutions (except universities), local government and government institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.


Partnership projects or ideas must target green growth in Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries and focus on at least one of the P4G partnering countries.

Different conditions apply to businesses, government and civil society organisations. Find out more about the criteria you need to meet on the P4G website. Per call, the conditions can change. More information about the next tender will follow later.

Partner countries

Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Kenya, Mexico, Republic of Korea, South Africa and Vietnam are P4G partner countries. Other countries are also expected to join. The Dutch government supports P4G financially.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency coordinates the Dutch P4G National Platform. It helps connect Dutch businesses, governmental organisations, civil society and knowledge institutes with P4G. It does this on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Get inspired

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Start or join a partnership

Start your P4G partnership or join a current partnership project.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about P4G and how it can help you and your business or services on the P4G website.

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