We all need reliable advice and support from time to time, especially when running a company or managing an organisation. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency offers business support in various phases of your entrepreneurship. We can help you with advice during the startup phase, new product launches or exporting your products or services.
Let us know what we can do for you; we are happy to help.

Explore foreign markets with research tools

Going abroad might be the next step when your business is doing well. Exporting your goods or services has its benefits. But how do you start growing your company? How do you explore new markets? We offer 4 business tools to help you become more competitive, find new business partners, and reduce costs. Get personal advice for doing business abroad.

Personal advice for your startup or scale-up

Are you a startup or scale-up entrepreneur in the Netherlands? The Netherlands Enterprise agency offers special funding, a strong national and international network, and personal advice specifically for innovative startups with upscaling potential.

A patent protects your invention or a new type of product. With a patent, others cannot reproduce your invention or product without your permission. You can also check the patent register if you want to find out if another company has already invented a product like yours. If someone else's patent is causing you a problem, you can also contact our legal advisors. Get legal advice on patents.

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