Entering Foreign Markets

Last checked on:
26 April 2023
Published on:
26 September 2023

You want to make the move abroad. But how do you tackle that? Together with commercial service providers, we offer starting exporters specific support options. To gain insight into your opportunities abroad. To explore markets locally. And for guidance on good positioning.


RVO offers government funding for start-ups, personal advice, events and access to networks and events that help grow (internationally).

Support International Business
Open for application

With this scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean territories, you can finance various activities that help you take the next step in international trade.

Open for application

The demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies (DHI) is a subsidy for SMEs with international ambitions in emerging markets and developing countries. The DHI programme helps SMEs test the feasibility of their concepts abroad, so that more Dutch companies can successfully contribute to sustainable development in these regions.

Closed for application

The Transition Facility (TF) was a programme that encouraged Dutch SMEs and knowledge institutes to become active on the up-and-coming markets in Colombia, Vietnam and South Africa. You can no longer apply for this subsidy; the facility is closed.

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