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Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses cookies to collect web statistics. A cookie is a small file which is saved on your computer, so that the next time you visit our website we can serve you better.

No personal data

A cookie consists of a unique number. It does not contain personal data. This means that we cannot use cookies to identify you personally. Similarly we cannot use the cookies to identify you on the websites of third parties.

If you object

If you object to the use of cookies, you can switch them off via the settings in your browser.

Data only used for web statistics

We use the data we collect exclusively for web statistics. This helps us improve our website to meet the needs of our customers. We never pass this data on to third parties.

Which data do we collect?

We collect the following data for the web statistics:

  • the address of your internet provider;
  • the browser you use (for example Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox);
  • the time and duration of your visit;
  • the pages you visited.

How do we store this data?

Our website uses cookies, log files and JavaScript codes to store data. We use the Piwik Pro programme to collect web statistics.

Newsletter data

If you receive our newsletter we register what you do with the newsletter. Do you open and read the newsletter? Do you click on one of the links to our website? This information is used to improve the content of our newsletters.

More information

You can find more information about cookies and switching them off on the webpage All about cookies.

Types of cookies

Placed by

Cookie name


What for?


Contains an ID to identify unique visitors to website

To be used by Piwik PRO



Used to trace where visitor came from

To be used by Piwik PRO.



Session ID by Piwik

To be used by Piwik PRO



Session cookie for optimal surfing

To be used by CMS Drupal



JavaScript cookie

To be used by CMS Drupal



Records whether visitors have seen a message on the website

To be used by CMS Drupal

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