About the Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Last checked on:
6 February 2024
Published on:
17 September 2021

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) helps entrepreneurs and organisations to invest, develop and expand their businesses and projects. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. We are a government agency which is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

We support entrepreneurs, NGOs, knowledge institutes, policymakers and organisations. We improve collaborations and strengthen positions through our funding and networks. By sharing our know-how, we help you move forward doing business abroad.

You can rely on us for support and advice

Financial support

Financiering: geld en rekenmachine

To expand your business abroad or get your project started.

For advice on how to further develop your ideas and realise your ambitions.

Meet other entrepreneurs, find partners for your business abroad or expand your network. We organise events and international trade missions for you to join.

Agricultural enterprise

Rules, regulations and financial schemes for the agricultural sector.

Innovative enterprise

The smartest route from idea to innovation.

Sustainable enterprise

Doing business with a positive effect on the environment, community, society or economy.

Development cooperation

Help reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Encourage development and fight poverty in developing countries.

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